Delta Air Lines - Nashville Tennessee

This post is #Sponsored by Delta Air Lines. All opinions are my own.

Welcome back to my second post as a #DeltaAmbassador for Delta Air Lines. One thing I don't do enough of, is taking a moment away from work to go on an adventure with my family. I have an older brother, Garrett McPerry, and we only live about a mile away from each other in LA. However, we feel like we don't get to hang out enough. So I decided to ask my brother where he would like to visit for a weekend brother’s trip and he recommended visiting Nashville, Tennessee. I had been to Nashville prior for work, but never really got to embrace the culture and lifestyle the city has to offer. Nashville is known for many things, but one of the biggest is the love for Country Music, BBQ and Dance Halls. Garrett is a big country music fan so I was looking forward to embracing the culture of Nashville with my brother. 

For Garrett & I to be able to go on this trip, we decided to go over the long Memorial Day weekend since he would have the Monday off from work, giving us more time. Since we both live on the west side of LA, we flew out from LAX direct to BNA (Nashville International Airport). We decided to leave Saturday, May 25th on the 10:15 am flight. This would get us into Nashville at 4:22 pm, giving us the afternoon and night to go out in the city. Trying to time traffic is always a gamble when living in Los Angeles! We ended up getting to the airport with plenty of time, which allowed us to check into the Delta Sky Club in Terminal 2. As we waited for our flight, we discussed our plans for the weekend. Garrett is a big foodie so I would say 90% of this trip would be orchestrated around Nashville's top restaurants, food trucks, and desserts. Now typically this isn't a problem for me -- I love food! For some reason though, I decided I would be a vegetarian for the month of May. Now if you know me, you would know my diet is terrible. I tend to only eat cheeseburgers, chicken strips, burritos, and chicken & waffles. Of course, when I was younger and played sports, I could get away with that but not anymore. I had successfully eaten my way through the month of May being a strict vegetarian with only a couple more days left in the month. I spent the time leading up to this trip debating if this weekend in Nashville would break my diet.

Now with that information out of the way, I want to ask you a question before you finish reading the blog. Do you think I successfully finished my diet and said no to all the BBQ? Or did I break under the sweet smell of BBQ and indulge on some awesome carnivorous food?


Back to the Story – Garrett and I are now on our way to the gate to board the plane. As we walked down the jet bridge onto the plane I could hear Garrett’s footsteps, this probably had to do with he was wearing Cowboy boots. Garrett & I were sitting in different seats but since we are both 6ft and above we could easily see each other down the plane. I spent most of the flight watching the interactive map and looking outside the window trying to spot the Grand Canyon or other noticeable landmarks. One of the reasons I try to always sit in a window seat when flying because it gives me the ability to capture photos out the window or lean up against the wall to sleep. The flight took about 4 hours and had a 2-hour time zone change. For some people, they don't mind the 2-hour time zone change. I find it's actually harder compared to a big time zone change like headed to Europe or Asia. By the time we check into our hotel, it's around 6 pm which leaves us 2 hours of sunlight. We stayed in Downtown so only a couple of blocks from all the excitement on Broadway street where most of the Dance Halls are located. Although it was Memorial Day weekend, I was not prepared for the number of people that were out and about in downtown. The wait was over an hour or more for every location we visited. We ended up putting our name in at this restaurant and spent the time people watching. I had never seen so many people drinking on these bicycle bars or tractor truck party buses. Majority of them were filled with Bachelorette parties. Apparently, Nashville is one of the top destinations for Bachelorette parties.


When our table was ready, I braced myself for the menu to see what items I could eat. Garrett ordered the braised beef brisket and I ended up with the “Bless Your Heart Salad”. The look on the waiters face definitely looked a little thrown off by my selection. The salad, to be honest, wasn't good. I guess that was my fault for ordering the one vegetarian item on the menu at a place that is known for its steak. After dinner, we walked around and found this cool pinball machine bar where they had tons of classic pinball machines and arcade machines that were free to play. We spent the rest of the night drinking and living up our childhood playing games we grew up on.


The next morning, we had a long day planned out and first up was a breakfast and Garrett wanted to try a location called Biscuit Love. It was about a half a mile away from the hotel, so we decided to walk there which probably was a mistake. The weather was in the 90s with 50% humidity. By the time we arrived we were already sweating and looking at a long line wrapped outside of the building. We decided to look into another food spot - Hattie B’s - and noticed that they would be opening their doors in the next hour at 11 am. Now, this was Garrett's top food picks for this weekend so we decided to get a ride over to Hattie B's instead. We were one of the first people in line! We ended up waiting about 40 minutes in line but by the time the doors had officially opened, this line grew to an estimated 2-3 hour wait time.

Now, this was by far the hardest for me to turn down. I'm a massive fan of chicken & waffles and Hattie B's only serves their signature chicken & waffles on Sundays. Not sure if it was my stubbornness to finish this diet or what but telling the lady at the front that I would like just the waffles and not the chicken was a tough one. Of course, Garrett went all in on his order, getting almost everything on the menu to taste. The waffles were really good actually and my brother could confirm that the chicken was good but wouldn’t wait in a long line for it. We noticed that they accept online orders so if we ever went back, we probably would just order online and pick it up.

Afterwards, we went and explored the Country Music Hall of Fame. I’m a big fan of museums, so I was looking forward to learning more about the industry that made up Country Music. It was cool to see all the plaques with gold records and the names of Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton, Willy Nelson and so on.


I can’t remember if we went to dinner that night or not, but I did ride a Mechanical Bull. Lol


Monday morning now and with it being our last day Garrett had one more food spot on his list he wanted to visit called Martin's. There are a couple of locations, so we decide to go to the one further from the city to hopefully cut down on the wait time or lines. It ended up being a great call because we only had a 10 minute wait. Garrett ordered a huge plate of BBQ chicken, chicken wings, pulled pork sandwich and some sides. I ended up ordering the chicken salad but told them to hold off on the chicken. This was by far a really good salad and would recommend this to anyone trying to survive being in Nashville as a vegetarian.


Our flight home was at 7:06 pm, so we still had plenty of time to explore the city one last time. We went by the Parthenon which is a full-size replica of the Parthenon Greek landmark. We were able to get some cool photos at this place standing between all the tall pillars.


Overall, this trip was a lot of fun. Being able to hang out with my brother and catch up on old memories was incredible. I’m super happy that I was able to spend this quality time with my brother and take him on a trip, all thanks to Delta Air Lines. I’m really looking forward to the next trip that I can take my family on to connect and spend quality time. I think it’s important to spend time with your family and to be able to share memories and adventures together.


Thanks again Delta Air Lines for making this possible!