Delta Air Lines - Paris, France

This post is #Sponsored by Delta Air Lines. All opinions are my own.

This will be the first post as a #DeltaAmbassador for Delta Air Lines. I'm beyond excited to share with you my adventures in partnership with Delta Air Lines, they have been my go-to airline for the past 3 years and ever since I traveled to Shanghai in 2017 in their Delta One cabin, I knew I wouldn't be able to fly any other airline. For those who don't know, Delta One is the premium flying experience with fully flat-bed seats, priority boarding and many more benefits that I will go over in this blog.

Besides all the luxuries Delta Air Lines has to offer, the biggest thing that separates them from the rest is the passion and love all the employees have for their job and the ambition to make customer service a number one priority. You are always greeted with a smile and warm welcome and after every trip, you can expect an email with a survey that asks you about your experience and what they can improve upon.

For this partnership, I will be headed on 6 trips, 2 International and 4 Domestic where I will show how Delta Air Lines was able to connect me with new cultures and experiences that make up my travel adventures.

To start this off I picked an International destination. With my girlfriend Danielle's birthday right around the corner, I knew Paris, France would be a great pick for our first trip. I have been to Paris before a handful of times but never really got to take it all in and explore the city and visit museums. I typically was there on work, touring with a music artist so didn't see much outside of about a one-mile radius of the venue. This would be Danielle's first time visiting Paris so I was excited to share this experience with her.

We started our trip on Sunday, March 17th at LAX in Los Angeles, although we only live 10 miles from the airport we never know exactly how the LA traffic will be, so we typically get to the airport with plenty of time. For this trip Danielle and I would be flying in Delta One that I briefly mentioned above, so with these tickets, we entered LAX at Terminal 2 at the Delta One check-in. The moment we walk up we were greeted by a man named Frank that escorted us into the Delta One check-in room that was filled with drinks and couches. Once our bags were all checked in, Frank offered a service I have been wishing for which is the VIP Porsche service. This is a Surprise & Delight service that Delta offers for Diamond Medallion Members that have tight connection times. This service is offered at a variety of airports but CAN NOT be requested or paid for. I think Frank knew I was excited for this; maybe it had something to do with the big smile on my face that I was trying to hold back :)

We were escorted behind the counter and straight to the front of the TSA line, this is still one thing you can't skip. TSA and I have a close relationship because I usually get stopped and bag checked about 90 percent of the time. This is because of all the camera gear I tend to bring with me. Once my bags were good to go, Frank escorted us to the Delta Sky Club. While we waited for our flight, we were presented with an all you can eat and drink service. The great thing about the Delta Sky Club is you are in a private area in the terminal where you can relax and eat great food. Luckily for us, they were serving tacos this day! You can also enjoy free Wifi or depending on location even take a shower in some clubs. I think we all know how stressful traveling can be so to be able to relax and decompress for a moment makes all the difference.

With the boarding about to start Frank met us at the Delta Sky Club with a personal note and a glass of champagne. I'm not really a fan of champagne or wine but when you are given an experience like this you embrace every moment! We went down to the Apron where a parked Porsche car was awaiting us. It was an awesome experience being driven up to your plane and boarding the plane from the side stairs. As you can see from the photos I had a big smile on my face!

On this route, we had a layover in Atlanta instead of flying direct. I usually fly direct but with a long journey ahead of us I didn't mind getting off the plane and walking around for a bit. From LAX – ATL we had seats in first class and from ATL – CDG we flew in Delta One. Being 6'4, I appreciate all the room I can get especially when it comes to laying down.

After a full day of traveling but feeling well rested, we arrived at Charles De Gaulle airport. In total, we left Los Angeles on Sunday at 3:43 pm and arrived in Paris on Monday at 12:43 pm. Once through customs and adding another stamp to the passport we grabbed our bags and called and made our way to the hotel. I picked the Le Pradey hotel, which was right next to the Louvre museum. Our hotel room had a nice little balcony that overlooked the city streets and made us feel right at home with the locals.

Having still half the day left we knew it was important to make the most of our time and go explore. We first stopped by the Louvre to check out the amazing glass pyramid structure. While there I decided to create a hyperlapse that was seen on my IG Story. If you missed it, I created a highlight on my profile so you can revisit it. We didn't go inside the Louvre yet because we wanted to spend a full day inside so walked towards another location that is made famous for having bright colorful umbrellas floating above called Le Village Royal. This location was one of the toughest spots to get a photo by yourself at; there were a lot of people attempting to capture the perfect shot.

Once back at the hotel we decided to ask the reception for a local French restaurant. We were pointed right down the street to a small restaurant where we ate some escargot, which I can say was an experience Danielle & I weren't the most excited about. Once we got over the fact we were eating a snail, it wasn't that bad. They were seasoned really well and I can highly recommend not wearing white attire while eating them because they are a bit hard to handle when you are forced to use a metal object to hold the shell in place. I kept an eye out to see if I would see any little Ratatouille's running around and of course being Paris I counted about two mice running around. Lol, if this would have happened back home I probably would've lost my appetite but since we were in Europe in a small restaurant in Paris I didn't think much of it other than a little laugh and oh look there goes Remy the mouse.

The next day was Danielle's birthday so we made a mission to visit all the landmarks; this was definitely going to be a day that we got our steps in. First on our list was the Eiffel Tower. We decided to take the metro, which only cost about 2 Euro's a person. 20 minutes later we arrived at the footsteps of the Eiffel Tower. Thankfully we live in a time with cell phones and GPS because getting around in a country that has a different language can be hard but thanks to our phones we were able to navigate the streets of Paris really easily. At the Eiffel Tower, we made the mistake of not purchasing our tickets ahead of time. When we got there the line was longer then we hoped so instead, we took pictures around the tower from the floor. As much as it's exciting to go to the top of a structure, the photos never turn out the way you want (usually just a selfie with a background that is overexposed).

As I mentioned today would be a record-breaking day for Danielle & I with our steps, I walked 24K steps and Danielle hitting 28K steps. We walked from the Eiffel Tower to the Arc de Triomphe. On the way, we stopped by a café to grab an espresso and a croissant. With a little snack and some caffeine in our system, we arrived at the biggest roundabout in Europe. We managed to go to the top of the Arc de Triomphe where we could see the whole city of Paris.  On our way back to the hotel we decided to walk through the Tuileries Garden which is a massive front yard to the Louvre. After people-watching, we decide to get dinner up near Sacre Coeur which is a domed white church that overlooks the city.

We spent the next couple of days exploring Paris, from looking at the legendary Mona Lisa or trying to find the hunchback of Notre Dame sitting up on the ledge needless to say Danielle & I had a great time. No better way to end a great trip than to arrive at the airport and Delta Air Lines presenting you with the brand new Delta One suites! This made for a relaxing ride home. The Delta One suites have more room to work and relax, and include a full-height sliding door that provides privacy. Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better trip! I'm looking forward to the next adventure with Delta Air Lines. Thanks again for putting up with my writing, it never was my strength in school, maybe that's why I became a photographer/videographer so I could tell my story through images. Lol